Think – Write – Do

So I am working on putting more thoughts to pen – keyboard – internet. Both to improve my writing and to track a life lived. I just watched an old demo reel of mine from 10 years ago and laughed but enjoyed it. Lots of car chases, girls and explosions. Here’s the link –

I have lived life full throttle and definitely wanted to experience many things. Now I see that I have to give some of that back and teach – talk – blog about experiences and how things have worked well and not so well for me. Its actually enjoyable, difficult, therapeutic and something I hope I can keep up with.

One thing for me has been to stay on path. I have be a DP and camera operator my whole professional career but it can be such a wide an varied industry that you can get sidetracked in many ways. Self motivation is key. Next it seem to be self promotion (Which I am horrible at but intend to improve) I have worked with so many people over the years, so many faces and connections that come and go in the blur of production. But I am thankful to each and every one. All experiences in the end are positive, whether in the situation they were horrible or fantastic the add up as the building blocks of life and I am grateful for every moment I have spent shooting and working in the production world.

This business is a craft, with a bunch of art, technical ability, and some situational luck thrown in. When I first started all I wanted to do was load some film in a camera and capture an image, as time progressed I realized that those images had to tell a story in a sensible way. So I watched the past work of masters, went to learn from the current greats, and had lots of trial and error on film.

Today in the digital age we can get so lost in the instant nature of imaging, the shear crushing volume of youtube, social media, and the instagraming of life. But with this instant imaging it brings capabilities that are incredible. My 5D creates an image comparable (or maybe better) for no cost as I used to make with my Arri SR S16 package that wile I felt was a great camera, still cost money and time for film, developing, Telecine, digitizing and finally the editing.

Now with the 5D I can do it quickly and test things that normally would take days in hours. As a young filmmaker you have the tools now to shoot and create and make mistakes, art, anything ! This if taken advantage of is truly a great thing.

Despite the noise of too much media! (more pics, video, words have been stored in the past 4 years than all of previous history) I am confident that the future of creativity is bright and the filmmakers coming up now will be thinking writing and creating projects that will exceed anything every made before in creativity and technical ability.

I hope I can be part of a few projects like this!

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