Summer’s End is a New Beginning

As September begins I wanted to take a quick look back at an incredible packed summer. Both with work and travel, family fun and a few trials as well.

Summer started off to a bang with a great campaign for Pure Michigan. Working with Arthur Jeon – Director and Leah Lessard Producer of Om Base Productions . We had a fantastic shoot with a great local crew in Northern Michigan. The spots turned out extremely well and I fell in love with Northern Michigan. Mackinac Island is incredible and I only wish that I could have spent more time there! Lake Michigan is also a wonder of the world, I wish I had time to dive there and see some of the wrecks and life that lies beneath its surface.

In July I started my PADI IDC – Instructor Development Course. I have been a Divemaster for a few years and thought it would be a great step for me. Hone my diving skills and learn to teach. I intend to certify a few divers and teach some great underwater photo workshops in the near future. If anyone is interested in a incredible vacation to Thailand this Winter to Dive and learn some great photography tips (as well as get a PADI Advanced Underwater Certification) send me an email!

The course was a life changing experience – 6 weekends taught through Sports Chalet in West Hills by Perry Boyer A extremely experienced Course Director and all around great guy. I went from not feeling comfortable teaching, to being ready and looking forward to enjoying the experience. The IE (instructor exam) was conducted at PADI in Rancho Santa Margarita and on Catalina Island. A bit harrowing but I passed!

One of the things I have realized is that after working in the film industry for the past 2 decades is that I have accumulated a bit of knowledge. Now I feel ready to give back. Both through instructing and a bit of charity work. Giving makes me feel very happy.

In July I also shot a great Campaign for Toyota. Shooting the 2014 4Runner. Its a fantastic Truck. Tough like you wouldn’t believe and filled with some Great Hi Tech electronics. The system integrates everything from your Iphone, GPS, Satellite Radio / internet, maps, etc. The off road capability is incredible as well. It has some great functions that make traveling difficult terrain a breeze. This Project was directed by Chris Nolan and produced by Laurie Nolan at 90.000ft. They are a team I truly enjoy working with and have done many projects with over the past several years.

In August I shot at CSUN a new Exercise video called Katami. This program created by the top trainer at Equinox – Paul Katami is going to be the next P90X but better as the program is aimed at all body types and really steps up progressively and safely. Paul is an inspirational trainer and just an incredible guy. Over the previous 100 days myself and a small crew shot the progress of the test group going through the training and the results were amazing. It inspired the director Cameron Casey that he got into training and has lost 30+ pounds of fat and added tons of muscle – He’s a BEAST!!! The project was done through the Archeus Agency with Cameron Casey my longtime partner directing and Susan Agostinelli Producing. WWW.ARCHEUSAGENCY.COM
The location at CSUN was amazing – a new sports facility that opened last year. Perfect to show off the new training methods Paul is introducing to the world.

After I finished the Katami job I took a road trip with Arwen, Aidan and Rob Gosch through Arizona and the Grand Canyon, down to UFO land at Roswell New Mexico and across the West Texas Oil Field to see Ethan Gosch graduate 8 months of intensive Army training – At an Airforce base. I am extremely proud of Ethan and now he makes his way to Germany and beyond to help keep America secure. I wish him safety and a fantastic experience in Europe. The road trip continued with a stop to survive a tornado that landed as we were getting food at Rallys at the Texas/New Mexico Border. The kids were scared but we survived the winds and golf ball sized hail. My gopro was running in the car so I’ll post some footage soon. We continued on stopping to visit Rob’s childhood friend in Albuquerque NM and a quick jaunt up to Santa Fe to check out the Art galleries there. From there we drove to the Painted Desert (frigging beautiful) and the Petrified Forest. Wood into stone is amazing.
Then we hammered another long drive back to LA and the “real world”

On to September — A feature film starting and tons of prep!!!!

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